What is the cost of admission?

Admission is free to all.

Where can I park?

Visitors are welcome to park in our free, limited parking area during regular opening hours. For special events, we will provide guests with parking guidance or suggestions in advance.

How do I arrange for a group visit?

We are happy to provide a tour of our current exhibition, led by a staff member, curator, or the artist (depending on her or his availability). Please contact us at hello@100tonsonfoundation.org to arrange a group tour.

Is photography permitted in 100 Tonson Foundation’s gallery space?

Visitors are welcome to take non-flash photographs or images for personal enjoyment and sharing their experience. Photography for commercial use, wedding photographs, or formal distribution is prohibited. We are happy to help with press-related needs and interests – please feel free to contact us at hello@100tonsonfoundation.org.

Is 100 Tonson Foundation’s gallery space available for private events?

Unfortunately, we don’t rent the foundation’s space to the general public for private events, but we’d welcome having you attend many of our foundation- and artist-sponsored events.

May I submit a proposal for an exhibition at 100 Tonson Foundation?

We welcome reviewing exhibition proposals from curators and artists. Before submitting a proposal, however, please keep in mind that we typically host only two long-term (six-month) projects each year, which are usually planned one or two years in advance.

I will be in Bangkok only on Monday and Tuesday and I want to visit 100 Tonson Foundation. Would it be possible to go on those days?

Please reach out to us as early as possible at hello@100tonsonfoundation.org if you have requests for special accommodations, and we’ll always see what we can do.