100 Tonson Foundation is dedicated to fostering, facilitating, and disseminating contemporary art in Thailand and beyond.

Nestled in downtown Bangkok on 100 Soi Tonson, the foundation occupies the former gallery and retains the same contemplative atmosphere within the grounds of a private residence on a leafy canal side lane. The foundation is conveniently accessed with several international embassies and hotels in close proximity, not to mention the new neighborhood gathering spot of Velaa Sindhorn Village.

Opened in 2003, 100 Tonson Gallery traversed regional and international boundaries to become a pioneering platform for advancing diverse contemporary art practices. Over 17-years, Tonson has ardently represented its artists in over a hundred exhibitions, international art fairs and museum displays. 100 Tonson has been the sole Southeast Asian gallery to exhibit at Art Basel in Switzerland (2011), and has also participated in Art Basel Hong Kong (2013-2015).

In 2020, Tonson founder Ek-Anong ‘Aey’ Phanachet took the decisive step to transform the gallery into the 100 Tonson Foundation with an altruistic mandate to support and promote Thai art. Building upon previous successes from a career in finance, Phanachet has long been a committed benefactor to the arts, allowing her to cement lasting bonds with prestigious international institutions.

The momentum towards a non-profit site started in 2015 when the gallery began inviting artists for challenging six-month project based exhibitions. Extended projects or residencies will continue as part of the foundation’s long-term focus, as will art that engages through participatory and/or interactive approaches. Beyond a physical exhibition space, the foundation also bolsters and nurtures Thai arts deeper infrastructure by giving generous grants to artists, curators, writers and researchers to fulfill independent projects and exhibitions.

Independently determined, the foundation has begun early collaborative support with international institutions, with significant upcoming projects launching from late 2020 on. One of the only foundations in Thailand devoted to advancing contemporary art, the 100 Tonson Foundation is broad-minded and unbiased in generating greater cultural exposure for the public at large. Whether supporting art publications, talks and workshops, exhibitions and cultural events, or specific artist productions, the Foundation partners with individuals, institutions, and public interest groups, to formulate crucial opportunities for arts continuing evolution.


  • We support Thailand’s diverse local art community and aim to further expand international recognition for Thai contemporary art. The foundation provides opportunities for artists across all disciplines to exhibit at its unique Christian Liaigre-designed space in the heart of Bangkok. Through strong relationships and collaborations with renowned international museums and art institutions, we host, assist, and participate in international art exhibitions and events, with a particular focus on Thai contemporary art. In our efforts to promote appreciation of a wide array of contemporary art, the foundation facilitates the production and dissemination of innovative work by artists, curators, archivists, and researchers.


  • Ek-Anong (Aey) Phanachet


  • Manie Bootaranark
  • Earth Songsriwilai
  • Q Nuchanart Ormsby