Experimental Ma-lai Making with Pinaree Sanpitak

20 DECEMBER 2020


HOUSE CALLS's 2nd public program | Experimental Ma-lai Making.

Try your hand at creating various types of experimental garlands in a workshop led by artist Pinaree Sanpitak.

HOUSE CALLS — Public Program
Experimental Ma-lai Making 

Date : Sunday December 20, 2020
Time : 14.00 - 17.00 hours

Session by Pinaree Santipitak
At 100 Tonson Foundation

Participation is Free; limited to only 25 participants at once

Reserve seats at hello@100tonsonfoundation.org
FB Inbox: m.me/100TonsonFoundation
Call +6698 789 6100

Traditionally, flower garlands (Ma-lai) are used mainly as an offering of religious veneration, as well as a gift to convey congratulatory sentiments. This time, the experimental Ma-lai making workshop is thus like a celebration of the passing year by creating special garlands made out of a variety of items and materials, including paper made from natural fibers, flowers, photographs, or other sentimental items, creating a personalized work of art that can be a gift, a memento of all the past year’s memories, as well as well-wishes for the year to come.


The Foundation will provide the basic materials for garland making. Participants are welcome to bring personal items to be used in their garlands, be it photographs, dolls/plushies, or any other item of sentimental value to be included in your garland.

Throughout the 6-month duration of the House Calls exhibition, the Foundation will also host a plethora of activities, including online lectures done in collaboration with the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, U.S.A., experimental Ma-lai making workshops with the artist, a story-telling hour for children, live performances from guest artists, and the artist’s monograph launch. The publication will also feature essays from art historians, and curators, who will offer their perspectives towards Pinaree’s three-decades worth of works.


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