Paying homage to home

5 January 2020


World-renowned Thai artist Pinaree Sanpitak's latest exhibition encourages visitors to explore their surroundings and the uncertainty of everyday existence. By Suwitcha Chaiyong

Internationally-acclaimed Thai contemporary artist Pinaree Sanpitak, who is known for her "breast stupa" artwork, found inspiration when she first started breastfeeding 27 years ago.

"I was looking for a symbol which differentiated between men and women," she said.

"However, I want to emphasise that breast stupa is more about womanhood than motherhood. In fact, breast stupa has developed alongside me, like a self-portrait. The inspiration behind using this symbol has been my personal life which I share with through artwork. Since 2001, I have designed installations that are interactive and explore sensorial perception, which allows visitors to interpret my work based on their background."

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