The House Calls Family Tree: mini play kit (at home)

February 2021


HOUSE CALLS' 3rd Public Program | A form of a fun workshop for children’s home enjoyment, House Calls Family Tree: Mini Play Kit (at home).

The project is for kids to explore common items around their homes, then piecing these items together to take the form of living things. The experience will allow children to develop their imagination and curiosity as they use the eyes, ears, and tails to seek out the ideal items, as well as give them an opportunity to ‘explore’ their homes from a different perspective.



HOUSE CALLS Family Tree: Mini Play Kit (At Home) is an extension of the exhibition House Calls exhibition. 

Family Tree: mini play kit (at home)

Aged 3 and up.

50 play kits available free of cost. (Fully booked)

Register to reserve play kits at:,

Facebook Inbox: 100 Tonson Foundation 

Tel. 098-789-6100


Each play kit will include:

  1. A greeting letter from the House Calls Family at 100 Tonson Foundation.

  2. Pieces of eyes, ears, and tails, as well as an instruction manual on how to assemble their very own creature models, made from regular household items.

  3. Cards to let children draw and name the new House Calls family/friend member

  4. Information regarding the House Calls exhibition, with photographs, given to the parents to explain the purpose of this program, and perhaps share them with their children, broadening their horizons and cognitive boundaries.


The House Calls Family Tree: Mini Play Kit (at home) workshop was designed by Yodchat Bupasiri (Yodchat*Tinyline), author and childrens’ workshop designer. She utilized the same core principles found in the creation of Pinaree’s works in designing this workshop, to let the young ones explore and examine the everyday items they take for granted within their homes, choose the ones they like - whether it be for shape, color, or practical utility - analyze their properties, while also getting to fully know the items they see every day with their parents.



***About the Designer***

“Yodchat*Tinyline” - or Yodchat Phupsiri - finished her education from the Faculty of Paintings, Sculptures, and Printing from the Silpakorn University, as well as a brief course in Illustrations from the Scuola Internazionale d’Illustrazione di Sàrmede. Her works have been chosen to be exhibited at book fairs in Bologna, Padova, and Sharjah., as well as the annual fairy tales’ festival of Notte di Fiaba, a city in Northern Italy. She is currently an independent illustrator, whose works appear on the covers of pocket and children’s books, as well as the logos of bookstores and bakeries, etc. Yodchat*Tinyline has previously collaborated with United Arab Emirates’ Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival, the Goethe Institute of Thailand, and Cream Bangkok.

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