A laid-back chat with Yuree Kensaku about her ‘Atmosfear’ comic murals

14 July 2016


Three years after her much-loved “Karma Police” exhibition, talented Thai-Japanese artist Yuree Kensaku is displaying her mural comic paintings in another exhibition, “Atmosfear” at 100 Tonson Gallery. Coconuts Bangkok got a chance to pop into the gallery to see her work and ask her some questions. By Possawat Piankij

Yuree, a Bangkok-native, made her art world debut a dozen years ago, just after graduating from Bangkok University. Her first show was part of a series called “Brand New” that allowed promising young artists to have their own solo exhibitions. She’s basically been going full-speed ever since then.

What inspires you?

My inspiration for creating artwork is things I personally encountered or that happened around me, which leave a permanent mark on my mind. I try to understand these things through my own perception. This is because I want to draw what I truly understand.

What artwork style which best defines you?

Firstly, my paintings are figurative. When viewing my paintings, you know that it’s an animal, a person, or an object. It isn’t abstract. Secondly, they are lovely comics trimming details of real objects. Yet, these cartoons are sometimes sarcastic. And, the last feature is narration through symbolic characters in my paintings.


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