(E)motion Field

22-23 April 2023


Field Collapse's 4th Public Program: A Live Performance by Lordfai - Navinda Pachimsawat

A solitary figure moves through a dense grid of steel bars, exploring a range of emotions and relationships between person, object, and space. Field Collapse, a site-specific art installation by Savinee Buranasilapin and Tom Dannecker of thingsmatter, yields to interpretation and improvisation and serves as a site of personal exploration for choreographer/dancer Lordfai Navinda. Performing trails of vulnerability within the gridded steel structure, Navinda negotiates between rigid physical constraints and the range of human perceptions, emotions, and expressions.


  • Saturday, 22nd April 2023 — 13:00 hrs

  • Saturday, 22nd April 2023 — 15:00 hrs

  • Sunday, 23rd April 2023 — 13:00 hrs*
    *A post-talk with the artists and the performer after the show

Admission: Free
Limited to 30 spots per show

Reserve your spot at:
FB Inbox: m.me/100TonsonFoundation
Line Official Account: @100tonson ( page.line.me/100tonson )
Call +6698 789 6100


Navinda Pachimsawat (Lordfai) is an independent contemporary dance artist and educator based in Bangkok, Thailand. Graduated with ‘A Bachelor of Dance’ at The Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne, Australia. She focuses on creating work through collaborative processes and cross-disciplinary artists, emphasizing experimenting with physical movements and arranging bodies through various spatial designs within both conceptual and analytical concepts. Lordfai aims to advocate the art of dance and movements to be more accessible and relatable to the general public in Thailand. Acknowledging the importance of arts to enhance the way of living and learning.

About Lhodfai

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