18 November 2023


100 Tonson Foundation and Steinway and Sons Thailand are proud to present a collaboration together with internationally renowned Thai artist Udomsak Krisanamis which was initiated as part of his 6-month long project at 100 Tonson Foundation ALL IS PRETTIER. curated by Chomwan Weeraworawit. The collaboration manifested itself in the project, “Steinway To Heaven” as well as an exceptional Piano Recital at 100 Tonson Foundation with performances by Purat (Chang) Osathanugrah and Baitong~Xystems aka Tongkwai Lulin.

“Steinway To Heaven” is a newly commissioned work by Krisanamis in which he transformed a white Essex Grand Piano designed by Steinway and Sons, upon an invitation by Steinway and Sons Thailand. This work was informed by his long-standing approach of using non-traditional surfaces as canvases for his paintings. The smooth high gloss voluminous surface of the grand piano became a broad 3-dimensional canvas for the artist to paint and collage. The final work is a collaboration between Udomsak with the artist Nawin Nuthong and his screen-printing studio. With motifs from Krisanamis’ paintings, his hand-writing, his sketches together with Nuthong’s flowers and characters that appear in his own multi-disciplinary work, the piano contains a conversation between the two artists and is a unique one-of-a-kind work of art that is also a piano of exquisite quality.

“Steinway To Heaven” is part of a larger community project initiated by the collaborators with the view of providing access to piano lessons for at-risk youths. The proceeds from the sale of the work will be donated to SATI Foundation where weekly piano lessons will be provided for youths and children for one year.


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