Field Notes

12 March 2023


Field Collapse's 3rd Public Program: Artists Talk with Savinee Buranasilapin and Tom Dannecker of thingsmatter

Savinee Buranasilapin and Tom Dannecker (thingsmatter) will discuss Field Collapse (2022-23, currently on display at 100 Tonson Foundation) and Field Work (2022, part of Pattani Decoded: Deep Salt). They will talk about their studio's evolution, operating between and around the fields of art, architecture, and design.

A post-lecture conversation will be led by M.L. Chittawadi Chitrabongs, Ph.D

**The conversation will be in English**

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This public program is a part of our current exhibition, Field Collapse by Savinee Buranasilapin and Tom Dannecker (thingsmatter) which will run until 28 May 2023 at 100 Tonson Foundation.


M.L. Chittawadi Chitrabongs earned her MA and Ph.D. degrees in Histories and Theories from the AA. Her works include “Crematoria,” submitted to the “Death, Dying, and Disposal Conference” at the University of Bath; “The Politics of Dressing Up” published in the AAFiles 60 and “The Politics of Defecation in Siam of the Fifth Reign” published by JSS 99. Her book entitled Prince Naris: A Siamese Designer was published in 2017 by the Naris Foundation and Serindia Publications. Her completed design works include collaboration on a 40-room hospitality project in Koh Chang, Trat Province, a family-run eatery, and an 8-room hotel in Ayutthaya Province.


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