Yuree Kensaku


Yuree Kensaku

"I use a volcano as the logo of this exhibition because this exhibition is like an ‘eruption’ of all my uncomfortable feelings." - Yuree Kensaku

ATMOSFEAR: Work in Progress (18 Feb - 23 Jun 2016)

A groundbreaking site-specific project by Kensaku, ATMOSFEAR afforded audiences a rare opportunity to experience the artist’s creative process and how she transforms the gallery’s white cube into her own fantasy world through a series of four-month long murals. Commonly we see site-specific installations executed by conceptual artists but rarely by painters.

ATMOSFEAR / บรรยากาศมาคุ (23 Jun 2016 - 04 Feb 2017)

ATMOSFEAR is a site-specific painting installation that Kensaku transformed the 100 Tonson gallery space into her own alternate universe through her biggest mural painting to date.
ATMOSFEAR is inspired by a special dimension oozing with malicious energy, called Makuu Space, that appeared in the Japanese tokusatsu superhero series, Space Sheriff Gavan. The term then became a colloquial Thai word used to describe awkward or uncomfortable situations.

Entering Kensaku’s Makuu Space, the audience is confronted by Kensaku‘s outlandish characters, composed together into a stream-of-consciousness-like narrative that reflects collective worldwide problems in the public consciousness – health issues, fear, death and mutual anxiety over contemporary crisis. Interwoven with her own personal struggles and social commentaries, Kensaku’s large atmospheric painting is delivered through her uplifting, humorous and imaginative reinterpretations from popular culture.

ATMOSFEAR: NEW PAINTINGS (23 Feb - 21 May 2017)

A continuation of a yearlong project, ATMOSFEAR: NEW PAINTINGS echoed the focal themes relating to fear, tragic stories from the media and environmental crisis. With the exhibition acting as a sequel to ATMOSFEAR, the viewer can clearly see the development of the artist’s process during the short period of time and how she has perfected some of techniques and materials initiated in her first exhibition.

About the artist

Yuree Kensaku (b.1979, Thailand)

Kensaku is a Japanese–Thai artist whose pop iconography projects a surreal world through vibrant colors on various appropriated surfaces. After graduating from the Department of Visual Arts, Bangkok University, in 2002, her works were presented in several solo and group exhibitions, including 108 Paths to Vanity (2004), It’s spiritually good (2005), Sweet with Mr.Fan (2009), Shortcut to Melancholy Hill (2011), and recently Karma Police (2013) at 100 Tonson Gallery, Bangkok. She had the artist in residence solo show The Adventure of Momotaro Girl at the Yokohama Museum of Art, Yokohama, Japan (2007), and was invited by Gallery Ver founder and director Rirkrit Tiravanija to exhibit Same Place While The Clock's Hands Pace in 2008, Bangkok, Thailand. In 2009, Kensaku held three solo exhibitions locally and internationally, in Bejing, Taipei, and Bangkok. Kensaku was one of 10 artists selected to participate in the Kuandu Biennale 2010, Taipei. She participated in the 4th Moscow Biennale for Young Art, at the Museum of Moscow (2014). She created large murals in FOR, a wall painting showcase by Thai graphic designers and artists at Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Bangkok (2007/2010), and BUKRUK street art festival at Ratchathewi Area, Bangkok (2013). Her works are included in the permanent collections of Mori Art Museum, Singapore Art Museum, Yokohama Museum of Art, and MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum, as well as many high-profile private collections.

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